How to fertilize the sunflower

Sunflower is very nice to the nutrients in the soil. It is necessary to analyze the soil to determine the rate of manure ha.

To receive 100 kilograms. sunflower seed extract 4.1 kilograms. nitrogen, 3 kilograms. phosphorus and 7 kilograms. ha of potassium. Standards of fertilization is based on the type of soil and its zapasenost. In most cases Tory within 7-9 kg. active nitrogen, 8-10 kg. active phosphorus and 10-15 kg. active potassium. It is phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be tabled before the primary tillage to obtain a uniform distribution in their soil. The most correct amount of nitrogen is necessary to submit twice - half of plowing and the second part before the last pre-cultivation. When you want to make a liquid urea, we do this in the spring, import it with soil herbicide through incorporation into the soil.

It is known that the sunflower should not be a Tory with high doses of nitrogen, as this leads to:
Luxuriance of vegetation;
To attack more diseases;
To reduce the oil content of seeds;
In the accumulation of nitrate in the soil;
To soil acidification, which causes chlorosis on young plants.

Phosphorus enhances the development of roots, increasing the number of tsvetchetata to ask, increased accumulation of oil in the seed.
Potassium helps increase the yield of seed and increasing their fat content especially when sunflower is grown on black earth carbonate, the gray meadow or forest soils.
Sunflower should not experience a shortage of trace elements

Sunflower plants should appear in young leaves at least:

55 mg. boron per kg dry mass;
70 mg. iron / kg dry mass;
15 mg. copper / kg dry mass;
50 mg. manganese / kg dry mass;
30 mg. zinc / kg dry mass.

Rates of fertilization in sunflower non conditions in kg / ha of active substance:


Degree of supply

in mg. 1000 gr soil

kg. a.v. / ha
Low phosphorus and 5 mg. 10-12
mean 5-12 mg. 8-10
very good over 12 mg. 6
Low potassium to 13 mg. 12
medium 13-16 mg.
very good 16-20 mg. 8
excellent over 20 mg.
Low nitrogen 40 mg. 12-14
medium 40-60 mg. 10-12
very good 60-80 mg. 8-10
excellent above 80 mg. 6-8