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Agricultural land in Bulgaria
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Agricultural land in Bulgaria

Welcome to our website for Agriculture in Bulgaria. In our pages we will be trying to give you the best advises and information about agriculture in Bulgaria. We also provide a direct link to our real estate website which offers a wide variety of offers for agricultural land for sale in Bulgaria. In case you do not find the right farm land that suits all your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Land Use, Value, and Management: Overview

Agricultural production has always played a key role in every country's economy.

Agriculture in Bulgaria accounts for about one-fifth of the total national income of Bulgaria. Cereal crops are grown on almost three-fifths of the sown land. Wheat is by far the most important, followed by corn (maize) and barley; rye, oats, soybeans, and rice also are grown. Tobacco, which is of a good-quality Oriental type and is grown mainly in the south, is an especially important industrial crop.

agriculture in Bulgaria

Agricultural output has decreased overall since 1989 but production has grown in recent years. Arable farming predominates over stock-breeding. Mechanization has proceeded further than in most other Eastern European countries but the country has a lack of modern equipment.

Production of the most important crops (according to the FAO) in 2006 (in '000 tons) amounted to: wheat 3301.9; sunflower 1196.6; maize 1587.8; grapes 266.2; tobacco 42.0; tomatoes 213.0; barley 546.3; potatoes 386.1; peppers 156.7; cucumbers 61.5; cherries 18.2; watermelons 136.0; cabbage 72.7; apples 26.1; plums 18.0; strawberries 8.8.

From 2007 Bulgaria is a real member of the European Union and is part of the procedures and mechanisms of payments by the Common Agriculture Policy. Bulgaria will get EUR 250,000,000 allocated in the EU budget for direct payments to farmers.

During September 2007 we met all the requirements concerning the Land Plot Identification System. Funds will be given to 79 050 registered agricultural farmers in December.

This is the logical continuation of the successful start of the National Rural Development Plan 2007-2013 and the amount of the resources in the program come to Euro 3,242 billions.

Now is the best time for investors to be part of this program.

Land's potential uses and its location influence its economic value. Agricultural land value, for instance, is influenced by net returns from agricultural production, capital investments in farm structures, interest rates, property taxes, and demand for nonfarm uses.

Still prices are times lower than in any other country which makes this opportunity even more appealing.