Breeding activity in wool breeding

The selected breeding rams are the most valuable capital in the wool breeding. The process of deriving the genetic traits of the offspring increases the value of the breeding, the productivity and the economical effectiveness of the industry.


The effective usage of the reproduction potential of the elite rams and getting maximum number of offspring from them is crucial for the animal selection as well as for the increase of the production of milk, meat and wool.

During the second half of the past 20th century, the major improvement in the wool breeding was achieved by the optimal usage of the imported from abroad foreign elite rams by the method of artificial insemination.

In accordance with the program for new breeds of sheep at the time, there was a planned import of elite rams from the fine fleece breed such as Caucasian, Stavropol, Askaniyska, Australian merinos, Merinoflay and others.

For the creation of the Bulgarian diary breed many rams were imported from the east Friesian breed and from the Abac breed, and for improving the fertility of rams from the breeds Romanov and Finish Landrace. Repeatedly imported breeding ewes and rams from some meet-breeds such as Ile de France, Suffolk, Hampshire, Klanforest and others.

A major breeding improvement was made by the merino rams in newly created fine fleece breeds. For improving of the milk productivity and expanding the areal Pleven black head and Stara Zagora breeds, a major role was played by the selected ramps from those Bulgarian breeds.

Over the past years, due to the increased demand and almost unlimited possibilities for realization on the European market of lamb meat with certain quality and lamp meat on the Arab markets, the interest in the contemporary meat-breed in the wool breeding was heavily increased. Breeding rams and sheep from the breeds Sharole, Texcel, Parendeyl, Drezdel and others were imported in Bulgaria.

Undoubtedly the imported animals are very valuable, but are very expensive. The problem is not in buying them, but in using them properly.