Net or a thick bottom for the bee hives during the winter

Here is an opinion of Bruno Binder from Germany about the open bottom of the bee hives during the winter. According to him it is better to use open bottom for the bee hives against the closed thick bottom, bellow are his motivation for this opinion.bees in hive

The net bars, used for bottom of the bee hives allows very good ventilation of the bee hive during the winter. The ventilation improves the releasing of the carbon dioxide generated by the bee ball and this leads to much better preservation of the bees during the winter months. That way the bees are ready to meet the spring in much better shape which leads to higher production. Having a lot of bees in the Spring with preserved energy is a great predicament for high yields for the season.

Using the net bottom for the bee hives during the winter helps avoiding the mold on the honeycombs. Bruno Binder points out that with the net bottom of the bee hives could be achieved faster way of stopping the breeding of the brood at the eve of the winter and helps to slow down the appearance of the first brood in the early spring. The reproduction in the conditions of very low quality and scarce pollen incoming into the nest of the bees leads to breeding low quality bees with decreased life span. With net bottom you avoid one unjustified amortization of the bees. By the net bottom of the bee hive the bees no longer need to breed brood in the unfavorable for the purpose periods.  

It is true that in the cold winter the bees consume more of the winter stocks, but by the net bottom you provide a dry winter ball, the bees are spending the winter more peacefully. They slow down the breeding of brood in the period between the winter and the spring seasons and spend the winter in a better health condition and it will compensate many times the higher consumption with 10% to 15%, of the winter food costs.