Planting strawberries in a pot

In order to get seeds for strawberries we chose large and ripe strawberries which we frayed trough a sieve, wash in a glass of water and leave them to settle on the bottom of the glass. The next step is to pour the water with the remains from the strawberry and the full proper seeds should be dried on paper.
In a wooden box, on the bottom you should pour a drainage layer of small stones and wood ash, above this you should put a layer of soil about 6 to 10 sm high, the soil should contain , rotten leafs 3 parts, putrid manure 5 parts, sand 2 parts. After the layers are arranged as described above, you should pour water on top so that it can subside and be well wet. After the irrigation you are ready to plant the strawberry seeds. You just have to put them on top without burying them in the soil, they just have to be placed on the surface and cover them with black tissue. After you complete the above steps you should put the box in a dark place.
Periodically, very carefully, so that the seeds will not be washed away, you should irrigate with warm water. After a week or two you will see the first young plants. At that point the wooden box should be covered with glass and placed at the window. When the plants are about 10 mm high, they should be placed in a new box, the distance between the plants should not be less than 5.5sm.
After the first 5 to 6 leafs are fully developed, the plants should be placed in pots, from 2 to 3 plants in a pot. It is important that you irrigate them regularly and supply them with fertilizers. In order to increase the results, the first blossoms should be removed.