Tied breeding of cows

In dairy farming there are two types of breeding cows - tied and free-range cows breeding.
The benefits of the tied breeding are:
- This method allows the farmers to give more accurate quantity of the necessary food. It is much more convenient to check the physical condition of each cow.
- When milking it is more convenient to indicate the individual characteristics of each cow (quantity of milk, shape of the udder).

cows in the field
- Avoiding fights between the animals, decrease the stress situations in the herd.
- This method makes the control much easier, it is easier to indicate the health condition of each cow (medical treatment and preventive measures)
- The proper application of this method allows increase in the milk production wuth 15% and to decrease the expenses for food with 10%.
- The process of automating of the farm
- The amount of labor needed is significantly increased

The disadvantages of the tied breeding of cows

Requirements for the cribs
The main requirement is the maximum safety of the servicing staff, not allowing injuring the animals, allowing calm feeding and rest.
In the construction of the cribs is necessary to indicate the sizes of the animals. Usually in the farm it is accepted to make the length of the cribs to be about 190 to 200 sm. with a concrete crib and partial fence.

The practice of the good farmers shows that the optimal length of the crib, in case there are front and side detents, should be about 5 to 10 sm. shorter from the corps of the animal, this allows easier cleaning and the cow stays cleaner. The cow farms for tied breeding of cows have 2 or 4 rows of cribs, which allows maximum mechanization of the feeding process, the watering, milking and taking out the manure. For cleaning the manure normally the farmers are using storage facilities for manure with system for washing.

Summer and winter breeding of the cows

The traditional cow breeding during the summer is cribs-meadow. The caw should take about 50 to 60 kg of grass every day in order to achieve a high milk production. Additional feeding in the cribs is necessary also.
During the winter it is necessary that the cows can roam around in the yard for about 2 to 3 hours per day, combined with feeding by raw food. The improvement of the tied cow breeding should be concentrated to limiting the time for servicing the animals and increasing the productivity of the labor.